"Dedicated to breeding the type that characterises excellence."

Snowbrook Samoyeds has been my lifelong hobby, having purchased my first Samoyed in 1960.

I started breeding and exhibiting in 1965. Completely taken by their beauty, it was my goal to breed more beautiful Samoyeds and to win high awards.   I have bred & shown many champions over the years and since showing and breeding Samoyeds has been my passion I became a judge of the Samoyed group, Group 6 - Utility, followed it up with Group 7 - Non-Sporting and Group 4 - Hounds. Currently I am a trainee judge for Group 2, Terriers.

My eldest daughter, Catherine, now shares my passion and together we continue to strive for excellence in the breed. As you venture through this website you will note there are many dynamic flash movies of this beautiful animal and it is our sincere hope that you too are taken with the Samoyed’s beauty.

Sylvia Sharpe