"Dedicated to breeding the type that characterises excellence."




We are delighted to announce two very special litters are exected late February early March. Private enquiries are welcome..


A special litter arrived from our girl Ourmioni - Snowbrook Imperial Rhapsody (AI )who is the daughter of Vandreem Imperial Jazz. Her mum is from Eng Ch Ducklsalke Majestic Spirit over Kalinski (UK). The sire of this litter is Aust Ch Snowbrook Power of Dreams - Taj. Of course this is now combining some of the older Australian lines with the excellent English pedigrees we have now at Snowbrook.

JUNE 2013

Snowbrook Katzenjammer Kat Balou (IID) wins Puppy in Show at 2013 Australian Samoyed National!

In March of 2012 we were able to send our girl Enya (Aust Ch Snowbrook Spirit of Innocense (AI) across to New Zealand to visit Felix - Multi Ch Vanderbilts One Cool Cat. He had recently arrived there and was standing at stud at Zaminka. We were thrilled when Enya returned in whelp and on 25th September gave birth to 4 girls. We have Pippa - Snowbrook Katzenjammer Kat Balou (IID) home here with us and Stassi - Snowbrook Katzenjammer Love Kat (IID) is being exhibited by Vanessa Martin and lives with mum Glenys. Both Pippa and Stassi were placed in the Puppy Bitch class at the 2013 Australian Samoyed National. This was a very big thrill, once again thank you to Lyn & Gary, Jess and especially to Vanessa & Glenys..


NEW LITTER ARRIVED - 3 boys 5 girls

We are delighted to announce a very special litter born 20th November. The sire is Vandreem Imperial Jazz - Englands' Top Sire for the last 4 years. The dam, Snowbrook Charmed Spirit in Oz(AI), herself from top English bloodlines has stepped up to motherhood.

Of course Vandreem Imperial Jazz (Wesley) is the sire of Eng Ch Vandreem Imperial Hermioni for Berezniki JW SH CM, who was awarded Runner-up Best in Show at Crufts in 2008. "Mioni" herself has been an outstanding constant winner of major awards. A critique by the judge who awarded her said "simply beautiful bitch who displays perfect balance for the breed and oozes quality, glorious head and eye, so good to go over, stands so well on her legs and moves dead true. In lovely condition and groomed to perfection." Wesley's dam was Eng Ch Vandreem Imperial Montana whose lines go back to Eng Ch Zamoyski Lucky Star of Ostyak, Eng Ch Fairvilla Aga Khan and Eng Ch Valentino Imperial Flyer. Montana was top Samoyed bitch overall in 1997 and Northern Samoyed Society Top Bitch 1997/1998. She was the first bitch to win the Northern Samoyed Society Samoyed of the Year in 1999. A critique by Judge Albert White (WELKS) said "Right out of the top drawer. Oozes quality and has that valued asset of impact. Loved her size and shape, broad behind the withers, strong in loin, excellent hidquarters and such a positive mover. Her head won me over! The shape, good muzzle and wonderful eyes and that hint of a smile. Came into her own on the move, where she showed a lightness of foot and was so well balanced." Montana is half sister to Eng Ch Diquest Levi at Vandreem who has his own career bragging rights!.

That being said, we have great expectations for this litter as it forms an integral part of our breeding program that characterizes excellence. And of course this litter would not have been possible without the confidence and assistance Wesley's owner has placed with us here at Snowbrook. Thank you Eileen.

Enquiries welcome



Snowbrook Legend of the Ice Age - (9 months) 1st in Group Japan Kennel Club 16/9/11 a nice start to a promising career. Also won 2nd in Group at another show

Sadly Legend is now deceased in a horrible accident. Our condolences to his owner Ms Akiko Nagoaka.




Mikey was a dearly loved family member of Andrew, Karina, Josh, Meg and Wes. She joined the family when it became apparent that she would never be able to be shown, (having been spoiled after a short stay at a boarding kennel,which we'll never know what they did to her). Mikey came as a very shy and timid dog to a little boy keen to have a dog of his own and his sister who was scared of dogs (at least thats what he told her). Wes came along afterward and Mikey seemed to be a perfect match for them. Mikey was Wes's first dog and he'll never forget her.

Mikey didn't really like to socialise and she mostly sat around on her own. Little by little she warmed to the family and became the "granny" rather than the family pet. However, as soon as the kids went out to play, whether it was a ball game or jump on the trampoline, or going for walks, there she was right in the middle, tail up and doing little bunny jumps. She also loved to get on the back of the ute and come and stay at "grandmas" for a wash, some pampering and socialising with her canine friends & relatives.

Her favorite treats were kabana and roast chicken and she hated broccoli and green beans.

When the family moved to their interim house whilst building a new home, Mikey's personality really came out and she showed them the beautiful girl she was. They had regular walks to the local cafe and Mikey was no longer scared of adults (the theory being her child companions were now growing up!).

Sadly Mikey was getting older too, until the time came when she could no longer be relieved of the pain that comes with old age. She leaves the family with precious memories of a very gentle and happy pet with a beautiful nature, and they loved her very much. It has been a hard time for all in the family and we're thinking of you.

Thank you for giving Mikey a beautiful life filled with love and understanding.

I want my boy to have a dog
or maybe 2 or 3
He'll learn from them much easier
than he would from me
A dog will show him how to love
and bear no grudge or hate
I'm not so good at that myself
but dogs will do it straight
I want my boy to have a dog
to be his pal and friend
so he may learn that friendship is
faithful to the end.


We are delighted to announce Ch Snowbrook Spirit of Innocence (AI) has been xrayed and assessed with a Hip & Elbow Score of ZERO

DECEMBER 2010 - New litter arrived- 3 boys, 4 girls

Sire: Aust Ch Snowbrook Valentino of Oz (AI) Dam: Snowbrook Charmed Spirit in Oz (AI)




We are very pleased to announce another champion to add to the success of the litter from Eng Ch Duckslake Majestic Spirit over Kalinski and Aust Ch Snowbrook Dream of Grace - this makes 4 champions out of the litter of 7 so far.



We are very pleased to announce another champion to add to the success of the litter from Eng Ch Duckslake Majestic Spirit over Kalinski and Aust Ch Snowbrook Dream of Grace


JUNE 2010 - New litter arrived

Sire: Ducklsake Imperial Spirit (UK) Dam: Aust Ch Snowbrook Mischief Maker

Following the success of Molli's last litter sired by Eng Ch Duckslake MajesticSpirit over Kalinski (Woody), we have continued on with our 10 year plan to introduce the best of English breeding available. We have been able to further our plans with semen from Woody's half brother, Solomon - Duckslake Imperial Spirit who has won his first CC at Bath last weekend. Solomons pedigree is a melding of the famous Roybridge Kennels, his dam Roybridge Spirit of Dreams with Duckslake (sired by Ch Pykra Spring Bear) and her dam is ChRoybridge Snow Madonna who is the dam of BIS BISS Multi Ch Roybridge King Midas, living in Portugal. Snow Madonna's dam is Ch Roybridge White Sensation.

Solomon's sire is Amarige Faberge, who is also the sire of Eng Ch Duckslake Majestic Spirit over Kalinski. Faberge is also a half brother to Ch Amarige Gucci, sire of both the dog and bitch CC winners at Crufts 2010.

Of course, Molli's breeding is solidly line bred to some of the great dogs bred here in Australia. Ch Kalina Uki Tochka, Ch Kalina Imperial Eureka, Ch Kalina Imperial Arrow and of course the imported greats, Eng and Aust Ch Imperial Rebel of Kobe, Annecy's Cool Million and Ch Sarbesha a Mirror of Scotia.

There is no doubt that this pedigree is filled with great Samoyeds, who in turn produced great winners themselves.

Sire: Duckslake Imperial Spirit (UK)






Dam: Aust Ch Snowbrook Mischief Maker




March 2010 - Celebrating 50 Years!

I was attending The Royal Melbourne Show on what was unbeknown to me, Samoyed judging day! (My husband and I were looking for the elusive white dog of great beauty that he had seen only briefly and at a distance whilst at work one day.) We arrived at the dog pavillion in time to see the Best of Breed judging, and when it was over we went in search of the winners to place our order for a puppy.

That day, Ch Beila Laughing Boy was the Best of Breed winner and Ch Wyndalon Mandy was the bitch Challenge winner.  Of course, we quickly placed an order for a female puppy (of course).  We duly took delivery and my life was changed from that time!

From memory Ch. Beila Laughing Boy was 11 years old when I saw him awarded again with Best of Breed.  He did a lap of triumph while the judge spoke of his age and excellent movement.


MARCH 2010


Owned by John French

It is with great sadness we acknowledge John's very best mate, Koolio, passed away peacefully yesterday.

John writes - "He (Koolio) had the biggest kindest heart and brought joy and friendship to all creatures he met. He is sadly missed and is entrenched in my memory as he provided so much adventure, companionship, and love to me I have lost a true friend. Thankyou for bringing us together."

John's adventures began in July 1997 when I met him at Melbourne Airport to deliver Koolio and they left to travel by plane to Tasmania, where John was working at the time. Their adventures started from landing in Tassie where John realised he had left his car at a friends family home out of town so he had to ask the local taxi company if Koolio could travel in the taxi - "Got to love country towns! no problem!" so he sat on John's lap and went for a drive.

Koolio had the time of his life in Tassie where he was impossible to keep in his large back yard so ended up most of the time going to work with John. He made a friend of every staff member, and there was no shortage of attention. His best friends were a goat half way down the bottom of their hill and 2 horses who lived nearby. He simply made friends with every one.

Koolio met his Keeshond mate Jordie and his new mum Michelle, but it didn't slow him down - they all travelled around Tassie camping! He loved travelling in the car and adventuring to new places. They all left Tassie and went back to their home place of Canberra in 1998.

Koolio travelled from Canberra all the way up to Bundaberg, visited a lot of Victoria, NSW and South Australia. When he visited Sydney for only 3 days he ended up getting 5 Paralysis Ticks which wasn't discovered for 2 weeks when he tried to go for a walk and his back legs just wouldn't stay standing up, (even though he had all the protection stuff on him). John rushed him to the vet at the speed of sound and the vet attended after hours. He was not well at all! He was given the anti veneen and made it though the night and recovered. Well that was the start of him slowing down, but not completely. He still loved to adventure out and run around until he ended up needing knee surgery.

This is a photo of Koolio with his favourite ball John & he played with, taken last year. John keeps it on his desk at work. "Koolio didn't get to make his mark in the show world with us, but he certainly made his mark on the people he met, with his adventurous and caring nature."

You thanked me for bringing you together, but John, we thank you for giving a wonderful life to your best mate. We hope this is a fitting tribute to a true companion to you and your family.

* * *


SEPTEMBER, 2009 - New Litter arrived - 3 boys 2 girls

This litter has been planned since 2006! A combination of the strong breeding lines we brought in from England in Enya, the dam. Her pedigree carries leading sires such as Ch Zamoyski Lucky Dexter, Ch Zamoyski Lucky Casanova, Ch Diquest Levi at Vandreem, Ch Pyikra Spring Bear, Ch Duckslake Spirit of Siberia, and of course Ch Duckslake Majestic Spirit over Kalinski - who is becoming a new star in the "Sires Stakes".

Our own home bred Sire - Ch Snowbrook Power of Dreams' pedigree carries some of the greats of samoyeds in Australia, such as Ch Starya of Kobe (Imp UK), Ch Imperial Rebel of Kobe (Imp UK), Annecy's Cool Million (Imp UK) and some great aussie boys like Ch Kalina Imperial King, Ch Kalina Imperial Eureka, Ch Kalina Imperial Arrow, Ch Sarbesha A Mirror of Skotia (Imp UK). and then there is his dam, Ch Snowbrook Dream of Grace. So it goes... great dogs, great producers! We believe these offspring should be great!

JUNE 2009

Comanche Spirit wins Baby Puppy in Show at Samoyed Club of South Australia Championship Show

"Comanche" is from our litter from Aust Ch. Snowbrook Mischief Maker whelped in January, 2009 to Sire: Eng Ch. Duckslake Majestic Sprit over Kalinski (UK) (Woody). He is showing alot of promise.